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Thursday, June 23, 2005


LADIES....Is your husband married to YOU or his JOB?!

You probably remember your wedding day.....all the fanfare, fairy-tale details, fun and joy. You dreamt of the perfect life-your husband pulling into the driveway at 5:15 after a full day of work ready to sit down for family dinner and spend the rest of the evening playing with the kids. Then you get home from your honeymoon and get smacked upside the head by a different version of your dream as your reality.

"Oh don't worry, honey. Once we're married, I'll slow down at work." he told you when you got engaged. "Oh, don't worry honey. Once we have kids, I'll slow down at work.-I promise" he echoed three years later when you decided to start a family.

So there you sit with your three children. Waiting. Wondering. Will it be another night with just you, the kids and an empty placemat at the dinner table? "Mom, when's dad going to be home?" your kids ask with a lonely, longing whine. "He'll be home soon, honey. Eat your mac-n-cheese," you reply with a forced tone of truthfulness and a fake smile.

There is an epidemic of sorts occurring in our society. Too many women and children are becoming "corporate widows and corporate orphans." They spend their days and nights longing for their husband/father whose conquer-the-world ego won't let him stop his quest to sell more, see more patients or close his next big deal.

If you're in a situation where you feel lost, alone or ignored; you're likely not as alone as you feel. Tens of thousands of wives, mothers and kids are in the same boat-living in a family with a father who's little more than a provider of material.

It's time to put the family first. This BLOG is dedicated to helping your husband or your dad have both an enviable successful career AND a grounded involved family life. Read on-comment and spread the word.

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