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Monday, May 16, 2005


Interesting Research on Working Fathers

CareerJournal | Career-Minded Fathers Still Play a Vital Role

For Traveling Dad's

If you have a job that requires you to travel, I'd suggest you take a very hard look at what you're doing. You're likely caught in what feels like an inescapable dilemma-You MUST travel for your job to maintain your results and income and provide for your family. You probably don't realize what those days away mean to your spouse and to your kids.

If you travel, consider this:

1-Take a day off for every day you travel.
2-Use VIRTUAL meeting tools whenever possible. There is too much technology available to not consider this an option.
3-Tell your boss you're going to reduce your travel time to be with your family more and work on the plan to continue your effectiveness without traveling.

Most guys I speak with who travel say, "Oh, it's just for a couple of years. I won't do it forever." Yeah, right. Once those days are gone, they're gone. Act on it now. You, your spouse and your kids will be better off with you home than with you sitting in room 1218 at the Dallas/Ft. Worth Marriott.

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