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Thursday, April 28, 2005


Strategy #26: Drive Around the Block

I'm sure you've been there.... Rushing out of the office-cell phone glued to your ear returning one last phone call. You run two red lights and forget to turn into your driveway as your number one customer gives you an ear-full because his last shipment was late. You hit the "end" button on the phone just as you open the door and you hear that unmistakable welcome home mantra-"DAD!!!!" Suddenly the sound of six miniature Fred Flinstone feet come barreling around the corner. Your three kids simultaneously leap into your arms and pull at your legs. So what's the problem? The problem is-YOU'RE MENTALLY STILL ON THE PHONE TRYING TO SAVE YOUR BEST CUSTOMER. As easy as we pretend it is, we guys have a tough time shutting down. Sometimes it takes hours before the adrenaline of the day finally wears off-and by then we've already missed the one-on-one time with our family.

Try this next week: Drive around the block. Take a few extra turns on the way home. Get everything mentally out of your head and decompress in the car. Once you feel like you're ready to be 100% dad, head for home. You'll find your time at home is much more relaxing and engaging. Your kids and spouse will notice too-I guarantee it. Drive around the block. Sounds too simple, but it's the simplest things that have the greatest impact.
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